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 Hurt de Nine Inch Nails

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Reply Me: (95) This Tab: Phil Coval 1995 Previously realised Tab: Mike Dare. ? _____________________________________________________________________________ H U R T [#14] ( NiN/_TDS_ halo 8 ) (May 95) :-# [INTRO] White Noise Sample Loop (Even is the whole song: Easy to sample) [VERSE] Riff-1 x4 e|-{B}------------{D}---------{E}---10------------------------------| b|---------------------5------------------------------------5-------| g|-----10-------------7--------------------10--------------7------9-| D|---------9___------7----------9--------------9___-------7------9--| A|---9--------------5----------7----------9--------------5------7---| E|-7------------------------------------7---------------------------| I______ hurt myself today to see if I still feel I____ focus on the pain the only thing that's real the needle tears a hole the old familiar sting try___ to kill it all away but I remember everything [CHORUS-P1] {A Bm G D} Riff-2a x4 (later this is done with vibrato or tremelo) e--------------------------------------------------- b-{A}---------{B}---------{G}---------{D}----------- g--------------------------------------------------- d--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--- a--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--5--5--5--5--- e--5--5--5--5--7--7--7--7--3--3--3--3--------------- A---A---A---A--Bmin-Bm--Bm--Bm-G---G---G---G---D---D---D---D--- what have I become? my sweetest friend everyone I know goes away | (in the end) [CHORUS-P2] Riff-2b x2 (done by piano) w/ Riff-2a A B e|:|-12-12--12-12---12-10---9--10--|-10-10--10-10---10-9-7-9-----| ==> in the end You could have it -> -> -> I will let you G D ==> e|-9--9---9--9---7--------------|--5--5---5--5---?7-9-10?---|:| all___________, my empire of dirt, down_____ I will make you hurt [VERSE] Riff-1 x4 I wear my crown of shit on my liar's chair full of broken thoughts i cannot repair beneath the stain of time the feeling disappears you are someone else i am still right here [CHORUS] {A-Bmin-G-Dx2} {distorded sound} A B G D A what have I become? My sweetest friend , everyone I know goes away in the end ,you could have it all_____ my empire of dirt i will let you down____ i will make you hurt || [OUTRO] {distordion w/Riff-2 ABGD} if i could start again a million miles away (A-x355xx i would keep myself (D-355xxx i would find a way - Blaring Chords A D B (if Gtr tuned B: Bm022xxx {studio feedback + White noise} __________________________________________________________________________ NoTeS Reply me : -> - (May 95) * Here's hurt it is really easy but sounds nice if you DISTORD it a little. * In the MAIN RIFF somes play like differently (but I prefer mine) E-|----------------------------------------------------------------------- B-|------------------------5-----------------------5---------------------- G-|-------10-------------7-----------10----------7-----------9------------ D-|------------9/------7----------------9/-----7----------9--------------- A-|----9-------------5------------9----------5---------7------------------ E-|-7--------------------------7------------------------------------------ * if you can't play the CHORUS chords as I wrote then play them as follow : A: xx2220 Bmin: x24432 G: 3x0033 D: xx0232 here is a different riff-2b e---12-12-12-12-10-10-10-10-9-9-10-10-| b-------------------------------------| g-------------------------------------| e---12-12-12-12-10-10-10-10-9-------------| b-----------------------------12-12-10-10-| g-----------------------------------------| Nine Inch Nails: Hurt (of The Downward Spiral) production and mix: trent reznor drums: chris vrenna Can someone tell me what's the difference between HURT (LP version) and HURT (quiet) on Further Down The Spiral HALO-10 usa ? (is it the background noise ?)