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 All Apologies de Nirvana

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ALL APOLOGIES Artist : NIRVANA Album : MTV UNPLUGGED in NY Submitted by : Intro: C -- (4X) C What else do I be; all apologies C What else could I say; everyone is gay C What else could I write; I don't have a right C What else should I be; all apologies Refrain: F In the sun, in the sun I feel as one F G In the sun, in the sun I'm married G Burried (yah, yah, yah, yeah) C I wish I was like you; easily amused C Find my nest of salt; everyhting's my fault C I'll take all the blame; aqua seafome shame C Sunburn with freezer burn C Choking on the ashes of her enemies (Repeat Refrain) G G Maried, Burried (yah, yah, yah, yeah) (C intro till fade) All alone is all we are