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 Been A Son de Nirvana

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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] Hi Everyone, I've been seeing some really good Nirvana tab lately (thanks a million to the guy who posted Downer and Mexican Seafood!), so I figured I'd add a little. I haven't seen this one posted, I'm not sure if it's just so easy that nobody doesn't know it, or what. Anyway, here's Been a Son. Oh yeah...if anyone knows Spank Thru, or the solo for D-7, could you PLEASE post it!? Been A Son Written by Kurt Cobain Tabbed by Gene Azevedo There are two major versions of this song...the fast electric version heard on the Lithium single and Incesticide, and a slower "lamer" as Kurt put it, version which I've heard but can't remember what it was on. I'll post the tab for the faster one since it's better, but you can play the more mellow one on an acoustic guitar playing only the higher pitched strings for the verses, and playing the chorus with the normal tuned power chords rather than the dropped d as I will show. Verses: ^-upstroke if you play this one...all others down E---0--0-----------0---(0)--0--------| B---3--3-----------3---(3)--3--------| G---2--2-----------2---(2)--2--------| repeat many times D---0--0-----------0---(0)--0--------| A---0--0---3-2-0---0---(0)--0---3-2-0| D---0--0-----------0---(0)--0--------| Chorus: E------------------------- B------------------------- G------------------------- Repeat D---5-5--3--X-2--2-------- A---5-5--3--X-2--2--3-2-0- D---5-5--3--X-2--2-------- Solo- There are many ways to play this solo...sometimes Kurt just played the verse guitar part as the solo...but my version of the solo (quite pathetic unless you're playing with some other people to help make more noise! G--6-6--4-3-1/6--6-6--4-3-1-- repeat a couple times then G--/4-4--2--2-1--1-1-1-0-1-0--1/4--4--2--2-1--1-1-1-0-1-0 etc. Enjoy! -Gene Azevedo (