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 Big Cheese de Nirvana

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Big Cheese - Nirvana sur
"Big Cheese" By Nirvana Heres how I play "Big Cheese" off of "Bleach". Standard tuning. Intro(low E) E|--8p7-| Verse Chorus E|------------(7)--| |----------| B|------------(7)--| |----------| G|*-----------(7)-*| |*--------*| D|*-10--9-(9)-----*| |*-4--5-5-*| A|--10--9-(9)------| |--4--5-5--| E|--8---7-(7)------| |--2--3-3--| \_/ play this chord a bunch of times Here's some leads that play after Chorus. Each is played several times. D|------------------| |--9-9-9-10-7-9-7-9-7-5--| A|----10------------| |--9-9-9-10-7-9-7-9-7-5--| E|--7----11-10-8-5--| |------------------------| And thats about it I beleive. Transcirbed by Brian Sayles( or