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 Bleach Album de Nirvana

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Bleach Lyrics This is pretty self explanatory. G on with the show. Contents: Blew Floyd The Barber About A Girl School Love Buzz Paper Cuts Negative Creep Scoff Swap Meet Mr. Moustache Sifting Big Cheese Downer _________________________________________ Blew If you wouldn't mind I would like to blew If you wouldn't mind I would like to lose If you wouldn't care I would like to leave If you wouldn't mind I would Like to breathe Is there another reason for your stain? Could you believe who we knew stress or strain? Is there another word that rhymes with shame? You could do anything Floyd The Barber Bell on a door ring, "Come on in." Floyd observes my hairy chin "Sit down chair, don't be afraid." Steamed hot towel on my face I was shaved, I was shamed I was shamed Barney ties me to the chair I can't see, I'm really scared Floyd breathes hard, I hear a zip Beat me, pressed against my lip I was shaved, I'm ashamed I was shamed I sense others in the room Opie, Aunt Bea, I presume They take turns to cut me up I died smothered in Andy's clutch I was shamed, I was shaved I was shamed About a Girl I need an easy friend I do, with an ear to lend I do, think you fit this shoe I do, but you have a clue I'll take advantage while You hang me out to dry But I can't see you every night Free I'm standing in your lane I do hope you have the time I do, pick a number to I do, keep a date with you School Wont you believe it it's just my luck No recess You're in high school again Love Buzz Would you believe me when I tell you You're the queen of my heart Please don't deceive me when I tell you Just ain't the way it seems Can you feel my love buzz? Paper Cuts At my feeding time She pushes food through the door I crawl towards the cracks of light Sometimes I can't find my way Newspapers spread around Soaking all that they can A cleaning is due again A good hosing down The lady whom I feel a maternal love for cannot look me in the eyes But I see hers and they are blue And the cock, and twitch, and masturbate AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! I said so I said so I said so Nirvana Black windows of paint I scratch with my nails I see others just like me Why do they not try to escape They bring out older ones They point at my way They come with a flash of light And take my family away And very later I have learned to accept some friends of ridicule My whole existence is for you amusement And that is why I'm here with you AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! To take you with me you right to Nirvana Negative Creep This is out of our range and oh This is getting to be a drone I'm a negative creep and I'm stoned I'm a negative creep and moan Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more Scoff In my eyes, I'm not lazy In my face, it's not over In your room, I'm not older In you eyes, I'm not worth it Give me back my alchohol Give me back my Give me back! Heal a million Kill a million Peel a million Feel a million Heal a million Kill a million Swap Meet They lead a lifestyle that is comfortable They travel far to keep their stomachs full They make a living off of arts and crafts The kind with seashells driftwood and burlap They make a deal when they come to town The Sunday swap meet is a battle ground She loves him more than he could ever know He loves her more than he will ever show Keeps his cigarettes close to his heart Keeps her photographs close to her heart Keep their bitterness close to their hearts Mr. Moustache Fill me in on your new vision Wake me up with indecision Help me trust your mighty wisdom Yes I eat cow, I am not proud Show me how you question question Lead the way to my temptation Take my hand and give it cleaning Yes I eat cow, I am not proud Easy in an easy chair Poop as as rock I don't like you anyway Seal it in the box Now You! Sifting Afraid to grade Wouldn't it be fun? Cross says floss Wet you bed Sun felt numb Your eyes The teacher said Your eyes The preacher said Your eyes Teacher said Preacher said Don't have nothing for you Spell the smell Wouldn't it be fun? Search for church Wet your bed Cold in coals Big Cheese Big cheese, make me Mine said, go to the office Big cheese, make me Mine said, what the hell Black is black No trading back We were enemies Sure you are But what am I? We were enemies Big lies, make mine Mine said, go to the office Big cheese, make me Mine said, What's the code Black is black No trading back We were enemies She eats glue Now how 'bout you? Downer Portray sicerity, act out loyalty Defend your true country, wish away pain Hand out lobotomies, to save little families Surrealistic fantasy, bland boring plan Hold me down in restitution Living out your date with fusion Is the whole fleece shun in bastard Don't feel guilty master writing Somebody said that they're not much like I am. I know I can make up enough words for you to follow along. I sink and then some. Slippery pessimist, hypocrite master Conservative communist, apocalyptic bastard Thank you dear God for putting me on this earth I feel very privileged in debt for my thirst Comments can be mailed to me at> Please don't send corrections, (there aren't any), or spelling/grammar corrections!