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 Curmudgeon de Nirvana

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Curmudgeon - Nirvana sur
Curmudgeon by NIRVANA Written by Kurt Cobain from DaNnY many of u nirvana fans requested the solo so here it is::::::;;;;::::::: Key= @@@=feedback+wah wah pedal ~~~=vibrato ^=bend /=slide Tune 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb) WHEN HE STOPS WITH THE WAH WAH PLAY:: ^^^^^^^ *** e@@@ ^ ^ ^^^^ B@@@ 8 (8)/ 4 G@@@ ~~~~~ ~~ 5 (5)/7 D@@@ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 5 7 A@@@ 3 / 5 E@@@ ***TREMELO PICK WHILE BENDING UP AND DOWN THEN CONTINUE PLAYING THE FIRST TWO NOTES SLOPPILY W/THE WAH WAH I KNOW THAT ALL BUT THE ENDING IS RIGHT..ILL TRY TO FIGURE OUT THE FEEDBACK PART. IF THERE ARE ANY REQUESTS TO ANY SONGS I CAN MOST LIKELY TRANSCRIBE THEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HAVE FUN... lyrics-- i can handle on the mantle im not sad--till im home 'tis the season-im all reason i have seen and i have grown chorus(with variation) shes at the seams she dont need(3x) in the seems(3x) she dont need not the seems im a lecher on the planter ive set something in the garden in the handle on the mantle im not Santa-im not God chorus (solo) my model lady -can u save me its the sulfur i have drunk tis the season im all reason ive got fleas so go home chorus