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 Heart-shaped Box de Nirvana

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Heart-shaped Box - Nirvana sur
m: When I saw the tabs for this great song I nearly puked. This great song will be battered no more. Here is the exact way to play the song. Well, almost correct. I don't really feel like adding al the ghost notes that Kurt plays. You'll have to listen to the CD if you want to know EXACTLY how Kurt plays the song. This is the complete version of the song WITHOUT the solo. I don't really like the solo and I didn't feel like tabbing it! Song: Heart-Shaped Box Artist: Nirvana Transcribed By Chronicuser (Mike Rose) Words and Music By Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Track #3 on the album "In Utero" Tuning: Drop D Tuning Down 1/2 step (Db,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,eb) Intro: (clean electric) G]----------------------------------------------------- U]----------------------------------------------------- I]---2------------------------------0------------------ T]--2-2--3---0-0-----2---3--3/44-444------------------- A]-0----3-3-0-0-0--22-2-3-3-----3-33------------------- R]-----3---0-------0---3---0--------------------------- Verse: (clean electric) G]----------------------------------------------------- U]----------------------------------------------------- I]---2---------------2--------------------------------- T]--2-2--3---0-0----2-2--3--3/4444--------------------- A]-0----3-3-0-0-0--0----3-3-------33------------------- R]-----3---0-----------3---0--------------------------- Chorus: (Dist. Electric) G]----------------------------------------------------- U]----------------------------------------------------- I]-22-------------------------------------------------- T]-22-33-0-3/4444-------------------------------------- A]-00-33-0-------33------------------------------------ R]----33-0--------------------------------------------- Post Chorus: (Dist. Electric) G]----------------------------------------------------- U]----------------------------------------------------- I]----------------------------------------------------- T]-33333333-0-0-0-33333333-0-3/4444-------------------- A]-33333333-0-0-0-33333333-0-------33------------------ R]-33333333-0-0-0-33333333-0--------------------------- (note: you can also hear in the background the lead guitar track. It's just the note on the 4th fret on the "B" string bent full. It's played inbetween each chord of the chorus and at the end of the post chorus. you can listen to the CD to find out for yourself! I'm pretty sure it's right though. Also, the timing is off. You can find that out for yourself. It's really easy. That's it for the song. Below are the lyrics. L8ters) LYRICS: she eyes me like a pisces when I am weak i've been locked inside you heart-shaped box four weeks i've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap i wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black hey wait i've got a new complaint forever in debt to your priceless advice meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet cut myself on angel hair and babys breath broken hymen of you highness i'm left black throw down your umbillical noose so i can climb right back -chronicuser --------------------------------------------------------- Get free personalized email at