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 In His Hands de Nirvana

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In His Hands - Nirvana sur
In His Hands By Kurt Cobain - Performed By Nirvana The Song Was Only Played Twice Based Upon Bootlegs Of Shows, 8/17/1990 In A Soundcheck Soundboard Recording, Plus 11/25/1990 In An Audience Recording. I Used Both Version To Come Up With The Tab, Although The Lyrics Are Different Differ In Both Version. I Used The Lyrics From The 8/17/1990 Version Because They Were Easier To Understand. I Would Appreciate Your Comments - In His Hands (It Is Also Known As In His Room And As The Token Eastern Song) Verse B5 G5 F#5 E B5 D5 A5 C5 Chorus G#5 Eb5 B5 D5 (Last Line G#5 B#5) In His Hands He is gonna chase you in and out of a dream You're not gonna thank him and I'm tired of this dream Take him on occassion in the back of the room If they don't show any affection he'll died in June See the stab wounds in his hands See him dying in his room He's dying in his room He's dying in his room Heading for me, heading this way He is coming, I don't care I don't want to thank you, well I don't mind Gave his only pleasures to a friend of mine He's not gonna catch you in a lighted room You don't thank him I know I should See the stab wounds in his hands You killed him, I don't care Keep a promise, you would too Keep a promise, you would too See the silence in his head He is coming, I don't care We're not gonna make it, well I don't mind They don't want to thank him, they don't have any time In a conversation whom they don't know They don't have any patience, they're becoming slow See a famine in his head See him coming at their heels He loves you, give him a chance I don't love him, I don't care See him starving, give her hell It is over, we don't care In His Room F5 Bb5 F#5 B5 G5 C5 G#5 C#5 A5 D5 --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------3--------------4-------------5---------------6-------------7- -3------1-------4------2------5------3-------6-------4------7------5- -1--------------2-------------3--------------4--------------5-------- Bb5 Eb5 B5 E5 C5 F5 C#5 F#5 D5 G5 --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------8-------------9-------------10-------------11-----------12-- -8-------6------9------7------10------8------11------9----12-----10-- -6--------------7--------------8--------------9-----------10--------- E -- -- -1 -2 -2 -- Best Leo