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 Mexican Seafood de Nirvana

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"Mexican Seafood" -- Nirvana Fig. I: D--6--6-x-4-4-4-3--3-3-3-3-3-4-- A--6--6-x-4-4-4-1--3-3-3-3-3-4-- E--4--4-x-2-2-2-1--1-1-1-1-1-2-- Fig. II D--6--x-x-x-x-6--x-x-x-x-6-4--|-6--x-x-x-x-6--x-x-x-x-6-9--| A--6--x-x-x-x-6--x-x-x-x-6-4--|-6--x-x-x-x-6--x-x-x-x-6-9--| E--4--x-x-x-x-4--x-x-x-x-4-2--|-4--x-x-x-x-4--x-x-x-x-4-7--| Solo I D--6--5-4-3-2-6-5-4--4-3-4-5--|-6--5-4-3-2-6-5-4--4-3-4-5--| Solo II (Slightly off, but doesn't matter if you play it loud and fast) D------------------6-5-4-3---------- A----------1-2-3-4---------5-4-3-2-- E--0-1-2-3-------------------------- And it goes like this... Fig. I (four times?) Fig. II ('till the verse is over) Fig. I (four times...) Fig. II ('till the end) Fig. I (four--) Solo I (twice (4 measures)) Solo II (twice) Fig. I (for a while...) Then, end messing around with a G#5 power chord (244XXX).