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 Milk It de Nirvana

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Milk It - Nirvana sur
`MILK IT' From Nirvana's `In Utero" (1993) Written by Kurt Cobain Published by EMI/Virgin Songs, Inc./The End of Music BMI Tuned Down a half step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) Transcribed by Bob Yori ( Eb |------------------------------------------------------------------------| Bb |------------------------------------------------------------------------| Gb |---3-------6------------------------------------------------------------| Db |---3-------6---5----------5-----5---5---6-------------------------------| Ab |---1-------4---5----------5-----5---5---6-------------------------------| Eb |---------------3------0---3-----3---3---4---0---0---0-------------------| ^ bend up. Eb |---------------------------------| Bb |---------------------------------| Gb |---3-------6---------------------| Db |---3-------6---5----------5------| Ab |---1-------4---5----------5------| Eb |---------------3------0---3------| I hope this gives anyone who's interested a starting point. I'm new to both the guitar and to posting TABS, so bear with me. Additions, comments, questions, etc. are always welcome at -Bob