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 No Alternative de Nirvana

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No Alternative - Nirvana sur
As far as I know, this song is nameless but is on the "No Alternative" CD. I don't even own the CD so this might be transcribed in a totally wrong key, and don't send me hate-mail telling me that it is :) Here's the chord progression: C#m A F# G# A B "...And if you save yourself, you'll find, da da da da..." Here's the chorus ----> C#m A F# A F# A F# C#m : 446654 -I may have left out something since I'm doing this A : 577655 from memory. If so, I guess Kurt would understand... F# : 244322 G# : 466544 B : 799877 - Van Vekris , 3EV1@Qucdn.QueensU.CA