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 On The Mountain de Nirvana

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On The Mountain - Nirvana sur
"On The Mountain" Written By Kurt Cobain - Performed By Nirvana Tab By Leo P. Cailleteau, III ( From Chicago, Illinois 10/23/1993 (DAT) On The Mountain Will Probably Never Have A Good Tab Until The Studio Version Is Eventually Released By Geffen, But I Pointing Everyone In The Right Direction. The Chorus Part Is Very Questionable. It Sounds Like He Does Not Change Chords Through Out, Except For A Slight Pull Off, With The Key To Playing It The Strum, But Who Knows, Probably Only Pat Smear. It Has A Few Parts Which Repeat Through Out The Song. Part One - The Main Riff - A Loose Interpretation - It Might Be The Bass Or It Might Be A Guitar. Who Knows! --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- -----1----------1---------- -3------0---3------0---0--- Part Two - The Precede Anticipation Riff - It Is The Riff Which Precedes The Climax Or Is The Anticipation Of A Climax. Chords - C#5 And Eb5 -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- ----------6-------8- ----------4-------6- -------------------- Part Three - The Chorus Part - It Is The Chorus. I Seriously Question The Chorus, I Hear It As One Chord With A Slight Pull Off, But It Just Does Not Sound Correct. The Strum Is The Key. Chords- F5 With The Pull Off Being The Five And Six Strings Open. -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -3---0-------------- -1---0-------------- The Words Are A Bit Of A Mystery. They Are Not Even Close To The Hole Version. The Solo Just Sounds Like A Improv. The Chorus Chords Are Used During The Solo. Best Leo Corrections Desperately Wanted!! My Address Is