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 School de Nirvana

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School - Nirvana sur
"School" by Nirvana (standard tuning and everything) hb = half bend fb = full bend / = slide up for the intro, bang the back of the neck so the strings vibrate and all that. then play the main riff: -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- --0--0-0-5hb-0-0-5hb-0-0-0-0-0-5fb-- chorus: C5 (x355xx) A5 (577xxx) E5 (022xxx) D5 (x577xx) i'm not sure about the bridge, but it's something like this: ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------7------7----7---7--7--7--7/-- --7--7-7----7-7----7------------------- ---------------------------------------- that's about it for the tab. i have no idea on the solo. here's the lyrics (all 15 words): Won't you believe it is just my luck No recess You're in high school again -keith