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 Sentless Apprentice de Nirvana

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Expires: 3 May 94 11:17:44 GMT Distribution: world "Sentless Apprentice" - Nirvana *- this is the only part of the song i've been able to TAB -* E|-------------------------------|--------------------------------| B|-------------------------------|--------------------------------| G|-------------------------------|--------------------------------| D|--3--3---4-3--4--3-3-3-3--4-3--|-4--3--3--4-3--4--3-3-3-3--4-3--| A|--3--3---4-3--4--3-3-3-3--4-3--|-4--3--3--4-3--4--3-3-3-3--4-3--| E|--1--1---2-1--2--1-1-1-1--2-1--|-2--1--1--2-1--2--1-1-1-1--2-1--| the other part for the verses goes someting like this : E|----- You just start strumming at this fret and continue B|--8-- sliding towards the bridge . G|--8-- ( i think it starts at this chord , but it's somewhere D|--8-- near there !). A|--6-- E|-----