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 Sifting de Nirvana

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Sifting - Nirvana sur
-3-- --2-- ------ ----- P.M.-----------------| =3D Palm Mute ( ) =3D A # in parenthesis is a ghost note. When written after a # = , it is a bend. \ =3D Slide Regular tuning. =0D You people are all musicians , so Im sure you can figure out th= e timing , etc. =0D *****Intro****** Play = 4 times. (DRUMS)| (FDBK) P.M.--------------| =0D a|-----(2)---------|---------------------------------| E|-----------------|-----0----0----0----0---------| =0D VERSE P.M.---------------------| P.M.-----------| = = =0D d|----------------------------------3-----|----------------------2\1-----= ----0--| =0D a|----------------------------------3-----|----------------------2\1-----= ----0--| =0D E|--------------0----0----0-------------|-----0----0----0----------------= -----| =0D PRE CHORUS 8 Times =0D P.M.----------------| d|---------------------------5-----------(5)\----| a|---------------------------5-----------(5)\----| E|---------0----0----0--------------------------| =0D Chorus =0D e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------= -----| =0D b|----5---------5---5-------5--------------------------------------------= --| =0D g|----5---------3---3-------3--------------------------------------------= --| =0D d|----5---------3---3-------3-------full-full&rel------------------------= | a|----3---------3---3-------3--------)----) )------------------------| E|--------------------------------0--5----5 5--5-----3----0---0---| =0D Add this the last time of CHORUS =0D C5----------------C5--C5---------B5-| =0D I have the solo tabbed out , Im just too much of a lazy son of a bitch to= write it out. Beside , it aint that hard anyway. I have STP , Metallica= , and more Kurt , so e-mail me for it at , = Simz 1 @ aol ( Im no fucking computer whiz either , so thats the best Address I c= an Give ya , Sorry!) = =0D