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 Something In The Way de Nirvana

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Something In The Way - Nirvana sur
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 1997 1:57 PM Title : SOMETHING IN THE WAY Artist : NIRVANA Album : NIRVANA UNPLUGGED in NY Intro: Em-C---; (2x) Em C Underneath the bridge Em C Top is strong on leak Em C And an animal is trapped Em C All become my pets Em C And I feed them with grass Em C And a chicken for my scene Em C And its O.K. to eat fish Em C Cause it don't have any feelings Chorus: Em C Something in the way Em C Mmmm...... Em C Something in the way Em C Mmmm...... (Repeat) (Repeat 1st stanza) (Repeat Refrain except last line) Em C Mmm ........