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 Son Of A Gun de Nirvana

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SON OF A GUN ============ By : Nirvana From : the Incesticide CD Transcribed by : Wouter Janssen ( Lyrics taken from (Just in case you didn't know ;-) but all chords are powerchords, so see below) [INTRO] A E D B [VERSE] A E Up up up and down D B Turn turn turnaround A E Round round roundabout D B And over again A E Gun gun son of a gun D B You are the only one A E D B Makes any difference what I say [CHORUS] G C The sun shines in the bedroom D C When we play G C The raining always starts D C When you go away [SOLO] G - D G - D A - E A - E G - D G - D G - D G - D ====== Chords used : A : 577xxx B : x244xx C : x355xx D : x577xx E : 022xxx G : 355xxx ================================================================ ARTIST: NIRVANA ALBUM: INCESTICIDE SONG: SON OF A GUN TRANSCRIBED BY: BEN This is a great song by nirvana and I hope you like it! INTRO (lots of distortion and play the E chord open) A,E,D,E REFRAIN (lots of distortion) G,C,D,C INTERLUDE G,D,G,D,A,E,A,E,G,D,G,D,G,D,G,D ENDING (same as the beginning) A,E,D,E That was a short easy way to play Son of a Gun and I hope it helped you. If you saw errors or trouble playing it just E-mail me at!