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 Spank Thru de Nirvana

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Spank Thru By Nirvana Tab By Leo P. Cailleteau, III at The Tab In The File Was The Most Confusing Bunch Of Crap I've Ever Seen, I'll Try To Clean It Up And Add Somewhat To It. The Solo Is A Mystery To Me, And Apparently To Everyone Else Who Has Tried To Tab Spank Thru. I Just Improvise Or Add A Bridge Where The Solo Belongs. Good Luck!! Chords A D G F5 G5 E B5 D5 Bb5 ------2-----3------------------------------------------- 2-----3------------------------------------------------- 2-----2-------------------------1----------------------- 2-------------------------------2------4------7-------3- ------------2------3-----5------2------2------5-------1- ------------3------1-----3------------------------------ Spank Thru (A)This song is for lo(G)vers and the (D)mountains (A)In the little li(G)ght in the (D)trees (A) And all the flo(G)wers have gingi(D)vitis (A)And the bir(G)ds fly happi(D)ly (A)Once we're toge(G)ther once aga(D)in my love (A)I need you back(G), oh baby, ba(D)by (D)I can't expl(A)ain just why We lo(F5)st it from the(G5) start (D)living with(A)out you girl You (F5)only break my he(G5)art I can (E)feel it(G5) I can (E)hold it(G5) I can (E)mend it I can (G5)shape it I can (E)mold it(G5) I can (E)cut it(G5) I can (E)taste it(G5) I can (E)spank it(G5) Smack it, be(E)at it, masturba(G5)te it (B5)I've been looking for da(D5)y glow (A)(Bb5) (B5)Always hearing the s(D5)ame old (A)(Bb5) (B5)City boy won't you sp(D5)ank thru (A)(Bb5) (B5)I can make you do things you wo(G5)n't think you ever could Best Leo I'd Appreciate Your Suggestions And Your Comments.