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 Stay Away de Nirvana

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Stay Away - Nirvana sur
OK, I think this is the only song off of Nevermind (other than Endless, Nameless) that hasn't been put up here, so here we go: Stay Away, By Kurt Cobain Tune the guitar down a half step It starts out with drums and bass. Then the guitar enters with (all power chords): D5 B5 F5 C5 C5 C#5 (repeat 4 times) Then the verses come, mostly drums and bass, but during "I don't know why!" Kurt plays: E)-------------------------- B)-------------------------- G)-----4/5-5-5-5(bend)-5---- D)-------------------------- A)-------------------------- E)-------------------------- For the chorus its just the intro over and over again. Bridge: D5 F5 At the end of the bridge, during the "I don't know why" instead of the normal thing, he plays: E)-------------------------- B)-------------------------- G)-----3--3--3--3(bend)--3-- D)-------------------------- A)-------------------------- E)-------------------------- Then its played normally till the guitar shuts up awhile for the bass and drums, then right before he screams he playes all of the A, D, and G strings open, then he screams and goes into the chorus. thats it.