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 Tourettes de Nirvana

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Tourettes - Nirvana sur
Transcribed by: Mike Racanelli Tourettes - Nirvana - In Utero - Track 11 CD --- 08/18/95 Hi, this is my first tab. I'm currently 15, and in Chicago, IL, USA It may suck, but, again, it's only my first time. It's for the song "Tourettes" which is one of my most favorite Nirvana songs. For a couple good reasons for one, it's driving, violent guitar, for another, it's spontaneous. I myself am a very violent player and find myself replacing strings every 3 weeks or so. No lyric sheet here, they were screamed on the spot by the untouchable boy genius. I'm currently in a band called "Lusitania", and we're very Nirvana influenced, but not a very good band yet. But now-a-days, you don't really have to be great to make all the money. :) Enough of my gabbing, here's the damn song: TDD = Total Driving Distortion $ In TDD Where Available> $ Begins with the phrase "Moderate Rock", and squealing. Play 7 times from intro/4 times for verse/and 8 times outro. {E}[---------------------] {B}[---------------------] {G}[---------------------] {D}[-4444-8888-9999-5555-] {A}[-4444-8888-9999-5555-] {E}[-2222-6666-7777-3333-] ////////////////////////////// This is what is played during the Chorus (At least I think so) {E}[----------] {B}[-4-3-34-0-] {G}[----------] {D}[----------] {A}[----------] {E}[----------] ///////////////////////////// It's a fairly simple song, but fun to play, and definately worth accolade. Then again, it sounds identical. :) Welp, that's it people, i'm outa heeeeere. Later. Send any comments (and eventually fan mail :) ) TO: Oh yeah, one last request, if you use my tab version of this song, include my name. Thanks. :) hiya! i liked the live version of this song on the new nirvana album "on the muddy banks of the wishkah" so i decided to send in my way of playing it. tune your guitar down 1/2 a step but if your too lazy standard tuning works ok too. intro/verse/outro ---> 1:----------------------------------- 2:----------------------------------- 3:---------------------------------- 4:-----4---------8-------9--------3- 5:-----4---------8-------9--------3-- 6:---2---------6-------7--------1--- F# A# B F during the verse Kurt babbles uncomprehendible words so i have no idea what the lyrics are. ask a friend/loved one who has tourette's syndrome maybe they'll know. chorus (also known as they part when kurt says 'hey' a lot) \=that means slide 1:------------------------------- 2:-------------------------------- 3:---------------3\ 4--4--4 --- 4:------4----------------------- 5:------4---------------------- 6:----2------------------------ play that riff a few times. its easy..have fun send comments, questions, salad recipes, chain letters, vaccines, etc. to: transcribed by David Urbanic it is very simple A C C# A# (bar chords) --2---------3--------------- --2--5---6--3-------------------- --2--5---6--3-------------------- -----3---4---------------------- --------------------------- Transcription: Tourettes aka The Eagle has Landed Writer: The Late Great Kurt Cobain Album: In Utero Hey all you Nirvana fans. Ive been lookin over alot of the Nirvana tab and most of the stuff is great and very helpful but as for Tourettes I found a glitch and decided to fix it. This is all done in standard tuning and *REMEMBER* this is my interpretation and this is my first transcription so be nice. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Im only 13 but Ive been practicin alot with my band and by myself and I consider my self to be a pretty accomplished guitarist so if you have ANY Nirvana requests Email me at Enough gab, heres the song. Enjoy!!!!!!!! :-) Verse e -----------------------------------------------------|> G-----------------------------------------------------|> B-----------------------------------------------------|> D----------------3-3-3-3---4-4-4-4--------------|>Repeat with lots of distortion and plenty of A---4-4-4-4---1-1-1-1---2-2-2-2---5-5-5-5-|>feedback!!!!!!! E---2-2-2-2-----------------------------3-3-3-3-|> Chorus thingy E---------------------------|> |------------------ G---------------------------|> |------------------ B---------------------------|>3 times, then. |------------------ D---------------------------|> |------------------ A--4-----9p8--8--8h9--|> |--4----9p8--8\\ E--2-----------------------|> |--2--------------- h=hammer on p=pull off \\=slide down