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 On A Plain de Nirvana

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On A Plain - Nirvana sur
Nirvana - On A Plain By Tabulous -------------------------------------------------------------------- I worked this out from looking at live footage of Nirvana where the song is played down tuned an extra step to drop Db On Nevermind the guitar is tuned to straight drop D, which is what this TAB is for... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuning: (E B G D A D) (Kurt plays the whole thing with bar chords but on my accoustic it sounds better when I play the D chord as a standard D formation.) I haven't included many of the lyrics... Just the major riffs in the song. [Note: These are the actual notes pitch of the chords] (......Verse chords......) (Chorus chords) D G F E C B A D G A# E----5---x--x--x------3--2--0--- --5--x--x---- B----5---x--x--x------3--2--0--- --5--x--x---- G----7---7--3--2------5--4--2--- --7--7--10--- D----7---5--3--2------5--4--2--- --7--7--10--- A----5---5--3--2------3--2--0--- --5--5--8---- D----0---5--3--2------x--x--x--- --0--5--8---- [Verses] D G F E F E D I start this off with-out an-y words... [End Of the verse change bit] D C B A D Love myself better that you... [Chorus] D G A# I'm on a plain... [Bridge Bit] F E A G Somewhere I have heard this before... [NOTE: The bridge chords are played as straight bar chords where the root note is the note on the top string (the drop D string) G the progression is: (F)3 (E)2 (A)7 (G)5 *You can work out your own strummings for this song* _______ / \ | R.I.P | | Kurt | /\ | | /\ \ | ***** | / \||\/ \/ \/ ||/ ____________________________________________________