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 Lithium de Nirvana

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Lithium - Nirvana sur
Lithium off of Nirvana's last concert in Rome (02-22-94) I tuned my guitar 2 steps down (full drop d tuning), so instead of it being EADGBE, it's DGCFAD. I'm pretty sure that's how Cobain has it tuned. This is the main part of it. The verse is a lil different each time (described in the diagram below). Just get the rhythm of it and start playin it to the rhythm and you should get it sounding right. I typed it up late so it might have some mistakes. DIAGRAM: -------||--------------------- -------||--------------------- ---7---||-------7------------- ---7---||-----7---7----------- -5-----||---5----------------- -------||--------------------- the one on the left is sometimes played like the one on the right verse: (I'm so happy, cause today I found my friends...) ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------7-----------6-6/8---8/5---5-5/8---8-------------- ---3-----7-----7-----8-----6-6/8---8/5---5-5/8---8-------------- ---3-----7---5---x---8---4----/6-6--/3-3----/6-6---------------- -1---x-5---x-------6---x---------------------------------------- post-verse: (YEEEH YEEEEAAH YEEEEEH!) ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------7-7-x-------6-6-x-888-x-5-5-x-888-x---------------- -3-3-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-8-8-x-6-6-x-888-x-5-5-x-888-x---------------- -3-3-x-7-7-x-5-5-x-8-8-x-4-4-x-666-x-3-5-x-666-x---------------- -1-1-x-5-5-x-------6-6-x---------------------------------------- chorus: (I like it, i'm not gonna crack) -----------------||--------------------||----------------------- -----------------||--------------------||----------------------- -3-3-x-5-5-x-----||--888888888/5555555-||----------------------- -3-3-x-5-5-x-----||--888888888/5555555-||-3--------------------- -1-1-x-3-3-x-----||--666666666/3333333-||-3--------------------- -----------------||--------------------||-1--------------------- repeat this part || then do this at || then at end of song a few times || the end of chorus || strum this once