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 You Know Your Right de Nirvana

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You Know Your Right - Nirvana sur
This song was performed live once under the name "on the mountain" for the same mysterious reason Tourret's was called "the eagle has landed",but its really called you know your right. This is a fairley acurate tab. Intro\Quiet verse e|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| D|---------------| A|--4-4---4------| E|-0---2-2-------| End of verse D E e|---------------| B|-7-9-----------| G|-7-9-----------| D|-7-9-----------| A|-5-7-----------| E|---------------| Loud verse\Chorus F#5 e|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| D|-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-| A|-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-| E|-0-2-2-2-2-2-2-| Heres the "mysterious" lyrics. I dont know why other people cant hear them clearly. Quiet verse I don't need to love again I wont sigh and mope again I don't need to love again I just don't think its worth it End of verse I don't really love her I don't think I want her Quiet verse Aint gonna take to love again It's the way your love hurts It's the way your mad again I don't think ill love again End of verse I wont ever promise her I don't think I want her Loud verse This time no one else I don't bear to follow you I don't ever promise to Sometimes I don't love you End of verse Think I'm tired of loving her I don't really want love Chorus Hey, hey, hey, hey You know your right Quiet verse You told me to follow him Teach him that I loved him I wont ever promise you I wont even bother to You gave me my first kiss I dont think I want it now I don't ever want again Its all that I had to have Its all that I wanted Its all that I had to have End of verse I don't think Ill miss her I don't think I want her. Thats all folks. The solo cant be tabbed 'coz its another cobain esque random noise solo. Any suggestions or comments or any thing to: