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 Born In A Junkyard de Nirvana

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Born In A Junkyard - Nirvana sur
Nirvana - Born in a Junkyard   Well, this is my tabs so far for this song i used a live version of it and it sounds ok to me but the sound quality of the recording isn't great so it could be wrong, there is another version under '' (i think it's the same song) but it doesn't look right to me... it's only the verse and chorus i haven't tried the solo yet and i probably couldn't figure it out even if i goes...   it's all played pretty fast and heavy heavy distortion (as always!) so i'll try to tab it like that...   verse:          |let the high strings ring....   e|------0---------0------ B|------0---------0------ G|----------------------- D|--2-2---33--2-2---33--- A|--2-2---33--2-2---33--- E|--0-0---110-0-0---110--  and so on...   chorus:   you can take a break rather than strumming the muted chord if you want...   e|------------ B|------------ G|------------ D|--5555x444-- A|--5555x444-- E|--3333x222--   and that's about it...just play that until the cows come home... maybe one day i'll have a go at the solo but i wouldn't hold yr breath...or look forward to it for that matter...anyways any questions/comments/insults -