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 I Hate Myself de Nirvana

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I Hate Myself - Nirvana sur
I've never seen this tabbed anywhere but this is how my band plays it and it sound really good. G without further ado... Song: I hate myself, I want to die Band: Nirvana CD: Beavis and Butthead Expirence (track 1) Bassist: Chris Novocelic Verse: play this when the drums come in: G ----------------------------------- Play about 4 times i think. D ----------------------------------- ------------------------- A ----------------------------------- E -4--4--4-2-2-1-2--4--4--4-2-2-1-0-- Chorus: G ------------------- D ------------------- Play about 8 times. A ------------------- ----------------- E -3--3--1-1\7-7-7-7- Play the verse again. Play the chorus again. During the solo I always play: G -------------------------- ------------------- D -------------------------- Play that a couple of (right before the A ---------7-----------3---- times and then strum chorus with the drums) E -3-3-3-3-----3-3-3-3------ -------------------> E --4-4-- Play the verse again and then the chorus a final time. After the last chorus part play: E -4--4-4-3-2-1- To end it. That's it. Pretty easy! Send corrections and btabs to Tabbed by: Ryan :)