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 Cloudburst de Oasis

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Cloudburst - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
from parrott@cachuma.callutheran.edu Oasis - "Cloudburst" (From "Live Forever" single) E A Wake up, there's a new day dawning E A I think I'll take a little walk for a while E A I need shades cause the sun is blinding E A And I can see for miles and miles E A E A Yeah I can feel the earth beneath me, I lie down we are as one E A E A They look but they cannot find me, I'm off and heading for the sun C#m A C#m A I'm getting colder, I feel a chill in the air C#m A There's a change in the weather C#m G#m A E Here it comes again, now I can feel the rain The wind that brings on the change is taking me over --- | D The wind that brings on the rain is making me older --- E A E A Downtown, the moon is shining, I'm gonna dress it up in style E A E A My business everybody's minding, I need to get away for a while (repeat chorus)