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 Headshrinker de Oasis

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Headshrinker - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
Headshrinker, written by Noel Gallagher, performed by Oasis. Song can be found on the "Some Might Say" single. Chords used: EADGBe A (x02220) Bb5 (x133xx) C (x35553) C5 (x355xx) D (x57775) D/A (x00232) F (133211) F5 (133xxx) G (355433) G/B (x20033) G5 (355xxx) Intro ----- s = slide p = pull off D C Bb5 G5 F5 e---------------------------------------------------------------------------2- B--7-8p7-8p7--7--7-8p7-8p7-7s5-6p5-6p5--5-5-6p5-6p5-5s3-4p3-4p3-------------3- G--7-7---7----7--7-7---7---7s5-5---5----5-5-5---5---5s3-3---3---------------2- D--7-7---7----7--7-7---7---7s5-5---5----5-5-5---5---5s3-3---3---5--5--3--3--0- A---------------------------------------------------------------5--5--3--3--0- E---------------------------------------------------------------3--3--1--1---- D C Bb5 G5 F5 D/A Verse 1 ------- D I know a girl who's lost and lonely C Sits by the phone on her own Bb5 But the phone don't ring G5 F5 D/A And the birds don't sing in her tree D She lost herself in a haze of pity C And doesn't know where to run Bb5 Needs a headshrinker now G5 F5 D/A And I think it's time we had some fun Pre-chorus ---------- G5 F5 G5 D/A Lost in a fog up a tree like a dog and I'm out of here G5 F5 G5 D/A I got no name and I feel no shame and I got no fear G5 F5 G5 And I bow down to the tears of a clown D/A Whatever's going down is coming around F5 A I hope you don't regret today for the rest of your... Chorus ------ D C G/B Bb5 C5 D ...lives For the rest of your lives C G/B Bb5 C5 D For the rest of your lives C G/B Bb5 C5 A For the rest of your liiiiiives [Guitar Solo] [Repeat Verse 1] [Repeat Pre-chorus] [Chorus] Questions, comments, corrections, requests to swede@email.unc.edu