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 Listen Up de Oasis

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Listen Up - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
From swede@email.unc.edu Sun May 4 11:15:01 1997 From Fred Lidskog swede@email.unc.edu> Listen Up, written by Noel Gallagher, performed by Oasis Song can be found on the UK "Cigarettes & Alcohol" single, and is probably one of my top 5 favorite Oasis songs. Parts of this transcription were taken straight from the official tab book for Oasis B-Sides. A special thanks to Mr. Paul Das p.das@rl.ac.uk> for providing these chords, without which I may never have known the correct chords for the pre-chorus and chorus!! Chords used: EADGBe F#m (244222) A (x02220) E (022100) D (xx0232) Faug (1x3221) [NOTE: it's easier to play this as (xx3221)] A/E (002220) B7 (x24242) Bm7 (x24232) A/C# (x4222x) [NOTE: During the verses of this song, there are 2 guitars playing 2 completely different parts. Below are the tabbed parts for guitar 2, with the chords played by guitar 1 listed above the tabbed part.] Intro ----- F#m A E D A e-----------0--------!-----------------------------0------------------------- B---------0---0------!--------0--------0-------0-----3----------0-----0------ G-------2-------2----!------2--------2-----------------2----------2-----2---- D-----4-----------4--!----4--------2-------------0-------0----2-----2-----2-- A---4----------------!--4--------0-------------------------0----------------- E--------------------!-----------------------0------------------------------- F#m A E D A e-----------------------------------2-0--------------------------------- B--0------------0-------0-------0-------3-2------0-----0-----0---------- G----2--------2-------2---------------------2------2-----2-----2-------- D------2----4-------2-------------0------------2-----2-----2-----2------ A---------4-------0-------------------------0--------------------------- E-----------------------------0----------------------------------------- [NOTE: The intro minus the part before the exclamation points above is what guitars 1 & 2 play during all the verses of the song. Listed below over the lyrics will be only the chords played by guitar 1, but the part played by guitar 2 is also being played in the song.] [ANOTHER NOTE: After guitar 1 has played each chord progression above (F#m A E D A), this is how the second "A" in the chord progression is played by guitar 1:] A e-------------------------------------- B--2---3-3-2-3-2---3-3-3-3-2----------- G--2---2-2-2-2-2---2-2-2-2-2----------- D--2---2-2-2-2-2---2-2-2-2-2----------- A--0---0-0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0----------- E-------------------------------------- while guitar 2 is playing: Asus2 e-------------------------------------- B--------0-----0-----0----------------- G----------2-----2-----2--------------- D------2-----2-----2-----2------------- A--0----------------------------------- E-------------------------------------- Verse 1 ------- F#m A E D A Listen up, what's the time, said today I'm gonna speak my mind F#m A E D A Take me up to the top of the world I wanna see my crime F#m A E D A Day by day there's a man in a suit, he's gonna make you pay F#m A E D A For the thoughts that you think and the words they won't let you say Pre-chorus ---------- F#m Faug A/E B7 One fine day, gonna leave you all behind Bm7 D E It wouldn't be so bad if I had time Chorus ------ D A/C# E Sail me down the river alone D A/C# F#m I've been tryin' to find my way back home D A/C# But I don't believe in magic D A/C# Life is automatic B7 D A (pick "A" like guitar 2 in verse) But I don't don't mind being on my own B7 D A A No I don't mind being on my own Tab for high pitched guitar in background of chorus: You'l hear this little riff repeating again and again in the chorus background with some sort of weird guitar effect used on it: e--12-------------------12---------------------- B-----14-12-14-12----------14-12-14-12---------- G-----------------14-11----------------14-11---- [REPEAT VERSE 1] [PRE-CHORUS] [CHORUS] Guitar Solo (played along with verse chords): Tab key: b=bend (14b15 means bend the string at the 14th fret to make the note that would be heard if you played the string at the 15th fret without bending] r=release s=slide h=hammer on p=pull off F#m A E D A e------------------------------------------------------ B-----------------12--14--12--14--14b15--14b15r14--10-- G---11--11--11--9-------------------------------------- (repeat 4 times) D------------------------------------------------------ Solo continued (now using chords for pre-chorus): F#m Faug e----------------------------------------------------------------------- B--12--10--12--12b13r12--10h12p10------10--12--12b13r12--10h12p10------- G----------------------------------11------------------------------11--- D----------------------------------------------------------------------- A/E B7 e------------------------------------------------------------------- B--10--12--12b13r12--10h12p10------10--12--12b13--12b13--12--10----- G------------------------------11----------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------------------- Bm7 D e------------------------------------------------------------------- B--12--12b13r12--10h12p10------10--12--12b13r12--10h12p10------10--- G--------------------------11------------------------------11------- D------------------------------------------------------------------- E e-------------------------------------- B------10-----------------10------10--- G-s11------9b11--9----11------11------- D-------------------------------------- [CHORUS] Song ends with a repeated Asus2 chord. Questions, comments, corrections, requests to swede@email.unc.edu