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 Rockin Chair de Oasis

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Rockin Chair - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
"Rockin' Chair", written by Noel Gallagher, performed by Oasis. Song can be found on the UK "Roll With It " single and the US "Wonderwall" single. Chords used: EADGBe C (x32010) C/B (x2x010) Am (x02210) F (x33211) G (3x0033) D (xx0232) E (022100) Em (022000) E7 (020100) Intro ----- C C/B Am (four times) Verse 1 ------- C C/B Am F I'm older than I'd wish to be, this town holds no more for me F C G D7 F All my life, I've tried to find another way C C/B Am F I don't care for your attitude, you bring me down I think you're rude F C G D7 F All my life, I've tried to make a better day Chorus ------ Em Am It's hard enough being alone Em Am Sitting here by the phone F Waiting for my memories E E7 To come and play Em Am It's hard enough sitting there Em Am Rockin' in your rockin' chair F It's all too much for me to take E E7 When you're not there Guitar Solo ----------- tab key: h = hammer on s = slide C C/B Am F C G D7 e------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------8----8------------------------------------------------3--3s5- G------------7h9--7h9--7--5--7--5-----------------2--5--7--5--7----------- D----------------------------------------0--2--3-------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------- F C C/B Am e---------------------s5-5-5-3-------s5-5-5-3--------s5-5-5------------------ B-3--1--3--1--3--1-------------5-3------------5-3-----------5-3-------------- G----------------------------------5--------------5-------------5--5--5s7--9- D---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------- F C G D7 F e---------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------------------------- G-7--5--7--5----7--5-----5---7--5--7--------5-----5-----5-----5-----5-- D---------------------7-----------------5h7---5h7---5h7---5h7---5h7---- A---------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus Verse Chorus Outro (same as intro) Questions, comments, corrections, requests to swede@email.unc.edu