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 Slide Away de Oasis

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Slide Away - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
E-mail:s.vaughn@rdg.ac.uk Song:Slide Away Band:Oasis Slide Away I got bored waiting for somone else to do it and tried it myself.It may be in the wrong key because I've lost my tuner and stuff........ The shapes I suggest are Bbm7 G* F* e| 6 4 2 B| 9 4 2 G| 6 5 3 D| 8 6 4 A| 8 6 4 E| 6 4 2 Intro: Bbm7 , G* ,F* Bbm7 G* F* Slide away and give it all you've got Bbm7 G* F* My today fell in from the top Bbm7 G* F* I dream of you and all the things you say Bbm7 G* F* I wonder where you are now Bbm7 G* F* Hold me down all the world's asleep Bbm7 G* F* I need you now ,you've knocked me off my feet Bbm7 G* F* I dream of you and we talk of growing old Bbm7 G* F* But you said please don't Pre-chorus: Bbm7 G* F* Slide in baby,together we'll fly Bbm7 G* I tried praying and I know just what you're saying to me Chorus: Bbm7 Now that you're mine G* We'll find a way F* O f chasing the sun Bbm7 Let me be the one G* Who shines with you F* In the morning when you don't know what to do Bbm7 Two of a kind G* We'll find a way F* To do what we've done Bbm7 Let me be the one G* That's shines with you and we can Bbm7 F* Bbm7 F* Slide away Slide Away G* Bbm7 Away-y-y-y-y Ends alternating from Bbm7 and F* as in the "Slide away-y-y-y.." bit A much used riff: (not exact but near enough) Sli-i-ide a-a-way-y-y-y-y-y Bbm7 e----------b---v~~~~~~~---------- B---------5-(6)------------------- G------------------------6-------- D-------------------------8-6-h-8 A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- b = bend v~`= vibrato h = hammer on I've just realised that on my Slide Away thing I didn't point out that a "*" is what I used for sharp-think it's not clear really is it? Sorry,I'm losing it a bit.. Roger Vaughn