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 Supersonic de Oasis

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Supersonic - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
From swede@email.unc.edu Sun May 4 11:15:16 1997 From Fred Lidskog swede@email.unc.edu> Supersonic, written by Noel Gallagher, performed by Oasis Song can be found on the album "Definitely Maybe", and was also released as a single. Chords used: EADGBe F#m5 (2442xx) [could also be played as F#5 (244xxx) ] F#m5/E (0442xx) [could also be played as F#5/E (044xxx) ] A5 (x0222x) B5 (x2444x) E (022100) E5 (022xxx) C#7 (x46464) D5 (xx032x) [NOTE: sorry, the names of some of the above chords are not right, but I'm pretty sure that's how they're played] Intro ----- Tab: e--------0-------------------- B----------0------------------ G------2-----2-------2-------- D----4---------4-----2----1--- x3 A--4-------------0---0----2--- E----------------------------- the fourth time: b:bend r:release e--------0-------------------------- B----------0------------------------ G------2-----2-------2-------------- D----4---------4-----2-------------- A--4-------------0---0--2-2b3r2-0--- E---------------------------------2- Verse 1 ------- F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 I need to be myself F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 I can't be no one else F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 I'm feeling supersonic, give me gin & tonic F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 you can have it all, but how much do you want it? F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 You make me laugh F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 Give me your autograph F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 Can I ride with you in your Bee-Emm-Double-Yeww [that's BMW spelled out! :)] F#m F#m/E F#m A5 B5 You can sail with me in my yellow submarine [NOTE: Noel alternates the same two background fills in the verses throughout the entire song. He has two different fills that he plays during each B5 in the verses. The first fill: and the second fill: e--7---------- D-------------- B------5------ A-2-2b3r2-0---- G----------6-- E-----------2-- Pre-chorus ---------- E You need to find out, 'cos no one's gonna tell you F#m F#m/E F#m F#m/E F#m what I'm on about E You need to find a way for what you wanna say C#7 But before tomorrow Chorus ------ D5 A5 E5 F#m5 'Cos my friend said he'd take you home D5 A5 E5 F#m5 He sits in the corner all alone D5 A5 E5 F#m5 He lives under a waterfall D5 A5 Nobody can see him E5 F#m5 Nobody can ever hear him call [HERE's a little fill played over the chords in the chorus: D5 A5 E5 F#m5 e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D------2------------------2------- A--2s4---4--2--0----2-2s4---4----- E-----------------------------2--- Little solo-type thing used a number of times in this song: ----------------------------------------------------------- b:bend r:release h:hammer on to second note with another finger, use only 1 pick stroke p:pull-off, opposite of hammer-on, use 1 pick stroke, pull 2nd finger off higher note to cause lower note to sound part 1: D5 A5 E5 F#m5 B------------------------------------------------- G----16b17-16-14--16-14----------14--------------- D-----------------------16-14-16----16-14--------- part 2: D5 A5 E5 F#m5 B----------------17------------------------------------ G----16b17-16-14----16b17r16-14--------14h16-14----14-- D--------------------------------14h16----------16----- part 3: repeat part 1 part 4: repeat part 2 part 5: [NOTE: the tab below starts with the F#m5 part of part 4] [ANOTHER NOTE: Part 5 is something that Noel only plays in live shows and is not in the recorded version of the song.] F#m5 E C#7 B----------------------------------------------------------------------------- G--14--------14h16-14----14-----16p14-16p14-16p14-16b17-16b17-16-------------- D------14h16----------16------------------------------------------------------ A-------------------------------------------------------------------2b3r2-0--- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------2- Verse 2 ------- You need to be yourself You can't be no one else I know a girl called Elsa She's into Alka-Seltzer She sniffs it through a cane on a supersonic train And she makes me laugh I've got her autograph She done it with the doctor On a helicopter She sniffed it in a tissue Selling the big issue Pre-chorus 2 ------------ When she finds out 'cos no one's gonna tell her what I'm on about You need find a way for what you wanna say But before tomorrow Chorus Improvise on solo until the song fades Questions, comments, corrections, requests to swede@email.unc.edu