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 She Is Love de Oasis

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She Is Love - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
She is Love (Oasis) tabbed by magicpie_@hotmail.com Chords- G (320033) Am7 (x02013) Fmaj7 (x33210) C (032010) key- h-hammer V-vibrate string u-upstroke d-downstroke s-slide b-bend string *-strike bent string p-pull-off !-strum ~-pick scrape down Intro- G Am7 Fmaj7 C Verse 1- G Am7 Fmaj7 C When the sunshine beckons to you and the wings begin to unfold The thoughts you bring and the songs u sing are gonna keep me from the cold And if the soul is hidden among yer , and its words may rule my soul You can feel me up with what you've got cause my hearts been a-keepin old Chorus- G Am7 Fmaj7 C She is Loooooooove and her ways are high and steep She is Loooooooove and I believe her when she speaks Loooooooooooove and her ways are high and steep She is Loooooooove and I believe her when she speaks Middle riff ( keep playing G Am7 Fmaj7 C for rest of song)- e-------------------------------------------------------------- b-------6--8-8----------6--8-8-------6--8-8--8b9r8------6--8-8- g---5h7-------------5h7----------5h7----------------5h7-------- d-5---------------5-------------------------------------------- a-------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------- Verse 2- When all my thoughts are passion and the dreams are my delight What ever stirs my model frame well you can keep it warm at night I don't know where you come from no i haven't got a clue all i know is that i'm in-love with someone that loves me to Chorus Instrumental Chorus At end slow down on Fmaj7 C G