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 The Fever de Oasis

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The Fever - Oasis sur Guitariff.net
I'm new to this so if I get this wrong could someone like that boff Fred Lidskog e-mail me please to give me any advice. Oh, and by the way, my name isn't derek gaw, it's C.G. Okay, here we go. (I GOT) THE FEVER Performed by Oasis Words and Music by Noel Gallagher. B-side to U.K. "STAND BY ME" CD single. Chords Used: G (320033) Gm (355333) C (x32020) Cadd9 (x32033) F (133211) D (xx0232) Bm (x24432) Main bass guitar riff: g|-----------------| d|-----------------| a|-----3-3-3-5-3---| E|-3-6-----------6-| Guitar Solo Intro: Gm C Gm C e|----------------------------------------------| b|----------------------------------------------| g|-15b17r15-15b17r15----------------------------| d|------------------17-15-17-17-----------------| a|-----------------------------15-15-15-15-13---| E|-------------------------------------------15-| Gm C F D e|---------------------------------------------------------| b|---------------------------------------------------------| g|-15b17r15-15b17r15------------17-17-17-17-17-19-19-21-21-| d|-------------------17-15-17-17---------------------------| a|---------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------| Verse 1: Gm C I'm tired of the love ... Gm C I got the fever of a ... Gm C I can feel it coming ... F D and I know, ... Gm C Swaying to the ... Gm C My heart is ... Gm C I can see it ... F D If it's gone, it's ... Chorus: G Cadd9 As I soar, on ... D Cadd9 I can see the signs ... Bm Cadd9 D Before me, and it's ... G Cadd9 What you say, ... D Cadd9 We're not last in the past ... Bm Cadd9 D Before me, and it's got ... Gm C Cause, I ... Gm C Yeah, I got ... Gm C F D Cause, I got ... After this, you repeat Verse 1 and the Chorus, and then you go into the Guitar Solo, which I can't be arsed to work out, but it is the same chords as the Chorus, if that's any help to you. then the song finishes with a load af Drum beats and beeps and some tosser (probably Noel) saying "JAAAAAZ, NIIICE" like that weird Jazz club bloke off THE FAST SHOW. Any comments, corrections or queries e-mail me, C.G. at derek.g@cytanet.com.cy>