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 Jump In The River de Oconnor Sinead

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Jump In The River - Oconnor Sinead sur Guitariff.net
"Jump In The River" by Sinead O'Connor >From the album "I C Not What I Haven't Got" Also the B-side to "Nothing Compares 2 U" All original work by dylan_rush@hotmail.com - comments, corrections, questions welcome. Beginners can play these chords the regular open way, for but for the grungy guitar sound on the record I recommend the fingerings which i've provided under the chord names. Verse: G F C 355433 133211 X35553 The phone calls... left me unsure (same chords for all verse lines) Chorus: F C 133211 X32010 If you said jump in the river I would because G F C G 355433 133211 X32010 355433 It would probably... good idea F C 133211 X32010 You're not supposed to be here at all F C 133211 X32010 It's all... gorgeous mistake F C F G 133211 x32010 133211 355433 A sick one... best one that God ever made Strummed instrumental bridge (after first chorus): C C# C B G X35553 X46664 x35553 X13331 320003 Enjoy! - dylan_rush@hotmail.com _________________________________________________________________