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 It Falls Apart de Odds

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It Falls Apart - Odds sur Guitariff.net
It Falls Apart by the Odds Album: Bedbugs submitted by Kevin Gandel, maintainer of the Odds Home Page http://www.wam.umd.edu/~oddsman/Odds.html I was playing around with the Bedbugs CD and found that this sounded good. IT FALLS APART-ODDS Beginning DG repeated, listen to song for strumming. D G Loose tie-rods and a fire full of coal D G Blowing smoke out the ears D G As I head for the hole without a 10 ft pole D DG DG I don't like this feeling being out of control You knew the reason but you let it start this vice would be your end but now the end has come your feeling really dumb you deserve it but you have no choice Chorus: (Chords A and G repeated) It falls apart, in little peices on the floor Too wild to be togethor so you want it more It falls apart, falls apart, falls apart You talked a blue streak but you never gave go ahead crawl in your cave and now the end has come your feeling pretty dumb you deserve it but you had no choice Chorus Solo:anyone? Chorus: Transcribed by David Genge dgenge@cycor.ca ***************************************************************************** * Kevin Gandel * Falling deeper into my hell * * Criminology and Criminal Justice * it's somehow better this way * * University of Maryland, College Park * I shed a tear but will not tell, * * Oddsman@wam.umd.edu * confused by what part to play. * * http://www.wam.umd.edu/~oddsman * --Oddsman-- * *****************************************************************************