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 Come Out And Play de Offspring

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Come Out And Play (Keep 'em Seperated) by The Offspring Tabbed by Therapy? (Sysop Soul Asylum BBS) Powerchords. Distortion. guitar 1 E ----------------------------------| B ----------------------------------| This is used in the chorus and verse, G --4----7-----------4----7---------| in the verse play some chords a few D --4----7---4-7-----4----7---4-7---| times more with some palm-muting. A --2----5---4-7-----2----5---4-7---| E -----------2-5--------------2-5---| guitar 2 E ----------------------------------| B ----------------------------------| G -9-9-9---12/s\7---9-9-9--12/s\7---| Play this a few times with guitar 1 D -7-7-7---10/s\5---7-7-7--10/s\5---| before the singing starts. A ----------------------------------| E ----------------------------------| that egyptian guitar riff (guitar 2) E ----------------------------------| B ----------------------------------| G ----------------------------------| This is played with the guitar 1 D -------1-2-4-2-1------------------| verse part in the background A -2/h\3-----------3-2---3-2--------| E ----------------------------------| guitar 1 E ----------------------------------| B ----------------------------------| G -4-4--7-7--6-6-6-------2----------| "It goes down the same as the D -2-2--5-5--4-4-4--4-4--0----------| thousand before..." A ------------------2-2-------------| E ----------------------------------| From: (Laurent Haug) I bought the OffSpring's CD a week ago, and I maybe have the tabs of their hit. Please tell me if something's wrong. Intro : Drums then: ------------ ------------ ------------ ---5-5-5--- play the harmonics here ---5-5-5--- ---5-5-5--- then: Drums then: You got to keep...>> then: B-D-F#-A four times then: ---------------------------------- -----7-7-7-10------------------- (REM:if you play with 2 guitars, the first one ----------------8----------------- play B-D-F#-A 4 times again.) ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- then ("oriental melody") with a crunch sound: ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------slide------------------------------------------ (four times) -----------6-7-(8)-9-7-6-------------------------------------- ------7-8------------------8-7-7-8-7------------------------- then: ("It's like the latest fashion") ----/ B-F#-A ) four times /-------verses B-D-F#-A ) \ ---\ then: (bridge) E-G-F#-D Two times B-F#-A B-D-F#-A F# (he said to tie your own rope...) then: (chorus) B-D-F#-A (4.25 times) (hey man your talking back to me ?) B-D-F#-A (4.25 times) (hey man you're disrespecting me ?) B-D-F#-A (2 times) E-C B-D-F#-A-F# B-D-F#-A-B then: oriental melody until the end of the chorus then: oriental melody until end of chorus without "verses" I hope there are not too much mistakes. But I can not bring my guitar in the computers room of the university. G I don't remember exactly. But I think everything is good exept the ----7-7-7-10 ---- ----------------8-- I'll check this. If you wanna flame me, tell me that what I did is shit or something else, you are welcome. My E-Mail is :>. I know it is written on the top of the screen but I do this for blind people that would be very angry after me. I study the psychiatrics sciences, so I know you case... ----------------------------------------- Laurent Haug The only path to heaven is via hell -----------------------------------------