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 Drain Me de One7one

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Drain Me By: one7one Album: Few and Far Between Transcribed by Jeffrey> **This file is all my own work etc and all mistakes may be attributed to ME** Yo, well this is my first tab and I'm not sure if I have the actual names of the chords and variations right but if you follow along with it, you'll see it's right. Like the "F" is really an "E" because the song is down half a step, bla, bla, bla. var = variation Chords used: Fvar xx3213 --intro chord F 333563 or 3335xx or 333xxx A 7779(10)7 or 7779xx or 777xxx G 555785 or 5557xx or 555xxx Intro: (use the "Fvar" chord to play this) Eb|---------3--------3-----| Bb|------1----0h1-1-----1--| Gb|--0h2-------------------|---> repeat Db|------------------------| Ab|------------------------| C#|------------------------| Verse/chorus: (same chord progression for chorus/verse/bridge) F A F A G F A F A G -Just listen to get the exact timing-