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 Pugwall Theme Tune de Orange Organics

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PUGWALL THEME TUNE "by" the Orange Organics, who were of course Peter Unwin George's band from the classic late '80s-early '90s series Pugwall. I have no idea who wrote actually wrote it, but you *know* that it'd be incredibly cool to cover this at a gig (or incredibly embarrassing, I suppose). Tabbed by Richard Magrath ( 3/2/2002 (well, sometime before that really). Riff: D--7-6--4-4-4-4-4-------7-6--4---6---- A------------------7------------------ x 2 E------------------------------------- Intro: G G#m A A Nobody tells me... C D A No... A Nobody tells me... C D A Can't... F#m I've got a dream... G G#m A If there's a chance... C G With drums... D A Bass player... C G A Keyboards... --Rich