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 Rosa Parks de Outkast

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Rosa Parks - Outkast sur Guitariff.net
Here are the chords to Outkast's "Rosa Parks" Very Simple, just listen to the song, and repeat the chords over and over again. Am F G ? e---0---1---3---7p(5) b---1---1---3---5 g---2---2---0---5 d---2---3---0---5 a---0---3---2---X E---X---1---3---X On the last chord, it goes dee-dee-da. Pull off for the da. For those interested, here is the bass line in the intro: e------------------ b------------------ g------------------ d------------------ And then right into the Am a---/7---5--------- e------------8---7- That's it, easy as hell, just listen to the song. EX NIHILO SURREXERAMUS EX ABUNDANTIA AD GRATIAM CADAMVS