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 Aicha de Outlandish

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Aicha - Outlandish sur Guitariff.net
*********************************************************************** * this is my first transcription, so please be clement * * * * the tab is sometimes a bit different * * i tried to figure out an easy to play version * * other would say i was not able to figure out the proper tab ;-) * * feel free to correct it! * * * * this song was transcribed by Marcel Schenderlein * * it is all my own work! * * * * email: schendi@web.de * * visit www.schendi.de * *********************************************************************** ** Outlandish - Aicha ** from the album "Bread & Barrels Of Water" this is a cover version of the original "Aicha" ("Aisha") from "Khaled" EADGHe Hm x24432 G 320003 D xxx232 A x02220 F#m 244222 Em 022000 C 032010 H x24442 Intro Hm G D A Hm G F#m Em e |----------------|----------------|----------------|-------------- H |----3-----0-----|----3-----2-----|----3-----0-----|----2-0------- G |--4-----0-------|--2-----2-------|--4-----0-------|--2---0------- D |----------------|0---------------|----------------|------2------- A |2---------------|------0---------|2---------------|4-----2------- E |------3---------|----------------|------3---------|-------------- throughout the whole song except bridge: Hm G D A Hm G F#m Em [Verse1] G sweet, ... ... it will be real She moves, ... ... tears in my eyes [Chorus] Aicha Aicha ... ... in my life [Verse2] She holds ... ... with his tears [1/2Chorus] Aicha Aicha ... ... my my my [Bridge] Em C She needs somebody to lean on Em C Someone body, mind & soul Am D To take her hand, to take her world Hm Em And show her the time of her life, so true Am Hm Throw the pain away for good H No more contemplating boo [Verse3] Lord knows ... ... tears in my eyes Aicha Aicha - ecoute moi [Chorus]