Over The Rhine


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 Paul & Virginia de Over The Rhine

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e: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:40:45 -0500 "Paul and Virginia" by Over the Rhine from their album "Til We Have Faces" written by Karen Bergquist transcribed by Tara Kennedy (nothingnatural@mail.utexas.edu) if anyone has any OTR tabs, pass 'em along! Thanks! [A] Verse [A]Spill-tained pages of poetic prophecy tickle my interest and taunt at my fantasy[E] [A]Gentle new lover favorite friend with hidden desire that bothers my conscience [E]again Chorus Like [D]Paul and Virginia sit close to me on a [A]swing Like [D]Paul and Virginia sit close to me (whisper my name, kiss me again) and I'll [A]sing I'll sing for[E]you (with you [G7], oh, you[A]) Verse Cobalt blue vessels and clean same sex rabbits old movie romance and a healthy new habit Moving in passion, resting in reason with a strong tender poet that touches each region within Chorus (with parentheses) Interlude [A][E][D][A][D][A] Verse Illuminations that shine on the river, subliminal glances provoking a shiver Palms full of mystery, fingers of magic, greetings so glorious and partings so tragic Chorus (with parentheses) 2X