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 Rambling Irishman de Oysterband

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Rambling Irishman - Oysterband sur Guitariff.net
Here's an attempt at the Oysterband's arrangement of "Rambling Irishman". I believe the chords are right, but I may have the tuning off. They stay mostly with the bass strings and mostly use downstrokes. I have no idea what the language the chorus is in or what it means - any help is appreciated. Very cool song though. Tuning low to high - DADGBD Chords D 000230 A x02220 G 5x0030 Bm x24430 Long instrumental intro not done. D G D I am a rambling Irishman G D A In Ulster I was born D G D And many happy hours I spent G A D On the banks of sweet Lough Erin D G D A But to live poor I could not endure D G A D As other of my station D G D A To America I sailed away Bm G A And left this Irish nation *chorus* D G D Ry tan tin-a-na, tan tin-a-na D G D A Ry tan tin-a-noora nandy D G D Ry tan tin-a-na, tan tin-a-na D G A D Ry tan tin-a-noora nandy *all other verses same* The night before I went away I spent it with my darling From 3 oclock in the afternoon Till the break of day next morning But when that we were going to part we lay in each others arms You maybe sure very sure It wounded both our charms *chorus* The very first night I slept on board I dreamt about my Nancy I dreamt I held her in my arms And she pleased well my fancy But when I woke out of my dream I found my bed was eimpty You maybe sure, very sure That I lay discontented *chorus* Wehn we arrived on the other side We were both stout and healthy We dropped our anchor in the bay Going down to Philadelphia But to live poor I could not endure As others of my station To American I sailed away And left this Irish nation *chorus*