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 Everywhere I Go de Oysterband

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Everywhere I Go - Oysterband sur Guitariff.net
song: Everywhere I Go band: Oysterband album: Alive & shouting tabbed by: joel (j_sorensson@hotmail.com) A really great song! can be played with just guitars, but its hard. i suggest you learn it yorself, then get some friends with bass, cello violin and drums, and then you teach them the following: I have tabbed the violin in guitar tab and the cello in bass tab, since these instruments are the most similar in my opinion. (Just one thing, since a cello is tuned C G D A, you'll need a 5-stringed bass. Or you can just play the cello-verse one octave above notated.) Remember that Alive & Shouting is a live recording, so the original song might not sound exactly like this. INTRO: (chorus with some cello and violin) guitar: Am F G Am cello intro riff: e---------------------------------------------------------- b---------------------------------------------------------- g---------------------------------------------------------- d----2-0------2-0-----2/3-3--2h3p2p0----------------------- a-0------3-0------3-0----------------3--2-3-2-0---0-2---0-- e-----------------------------------------------3-----3---- bass chorus: g-------------------------- pluck(hit, strum, whatever) d-------------------------- all notes a couple of times. a-0------------------0----- e------0-1-----3----------- cello chorus: *=play 16 times g------------------------- d--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*- a-0--3--5--7--7--3--5--0-- e------------------------- violin decending riff: e-12----10----8----7---5---3---1---0---------------------- b----13----12---10---8---6---5---3---1-3---1---0---5---5-- g----------------------------------------4---2---1---7---- d--------------------------------------------------------- a---------------------------not very sure here------------ e--------------------------------------------------------- VERSE1: (Bass and guitar plays the chords notated.) G The black wind xxxxx xxxx xxx'xx xxxxx xxxx Dm and your xx-xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx G and the xxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx Dm between xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx G War is xxxxx, xxxxx xx xxx Dm Less is xxxx xxx xxx xx xx G They wanna xxxx xxx xxxx, xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx Dm Just hold xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx Cello for verse: *=play 8 times g-------------------- d-------------------- a--*----------------- e-3----------5-5-5-5- b----3-3-3-3---------(added string!) CHORUS: Am F Everywhere x xx, x xxxx xxxx'x xxxxx xx G Am And the xxxx x xxxx xxx xxxx x xxxx violin chorus riff: e-----------12--12---------------------------- b-----12-13--------13------15-13-12-13-------- g-14------------------14---------------14----- d-----------------------------------------14-- a--------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------- e-----------12--12---------------------------- b-----12-13--------13------15-13-12-13-13----- g-14------------------14---------------------- d-------------------------------------------- a--------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------- VERSE2: Marching out xx x xxxxxxxx xxxx Running late xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx Broadlight-scums, xxxxx xxx xxxxx Jesus xxxxx xx xxxxx And the xxxxx xx xxx, xxxx xx xx with the xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx They wanna xxxx xxx xxxx, xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx Just hold xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx violin verse: e-------------------------------------------------------- b----------15--------------------------15---------------- g-------------------------------------------/14-14-14-14- d-0---12--------15---12---14---0---12-------------------- a-------------------------------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------/12-12-12-12- b----------15--------------------------15---------------- g-------------------------------------------------------- d-0---12--------14--------12---0---12-------------------- a--------------------15---------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------------------- Play chorus. violin solo: e----------------15-17-12--- b----12----12h13------------ g-14----12---------------- d------------------------ Aw, it's a solo. IMPROVISE! a-------------------------- e--------------------- Play chorus. Acapella: War is xxxxx, xxxxx xx xxx Less is xxxx xxx xxx xx xx cows xxx xxx the xxxxxxxx xxxx Jesus xxxx xx xxxxx Improvise violin, sing som chorus lines, do what you like. Then play the decending violin, then end with the cello melody from the intro. .everywhere. comments? corrections? questions? pics of cheese? mail me.