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 My Jekyll Doesnt Hide de Ozzy Osbourne

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My Jekyll Doesnt Hide - Ozzy Osbourne sur Guitariff.net
My Jekyll doesn't hide by Ozzy Osbourne from OZZMOSIS riff1 |-------------------------------| |----2--------------------------| |----2------------------2-------| |-2--0---/10--9--7/9-9--2--3--4-| |-4------/8---7--5/7-7--0--1--2-| |-------------------------------| Listen the song and learn the timing... fill1 ah |---------------| |---------/-----| |--------/-\----| |-------2-------| |-0-2-0------2--| |---------------| This fill is very complicated...just remember the artificial harmonic(ah).. Thats the main thing........ I don't know the second fill...it's very hard to keep up with Zakk Wylde... Riff2 ah. . . |------------------------| |------------------------| |------------------------| |------------------------| |-2-0-2-2-8-7---5---3----| |------------------------| tremolo............. Well that's all I know... Enjoy! Could somebody tab me something from: Paradise lost, Napalm death, Hypocrisy, Ozzy, Septic flesh ... By: Absu@direktor.voima.jkl.fi My Jekyll doesn't hide By Ozzy Osbourne I am still working on the slow part of the song so this isn't the whole thing naturally. intro: repeat 4x E-||----------------------------------------|| B-||----------------------------------------|| G-||*--------------------------------------*|| D-||*--9--8--7--6--5--x--x--x--x-----------*|| A-||---7--6--5--4--3--x--x--x--x--3--4--5---|| E-||------------------x--x--x--x--3--4--5---|| after doing the intro once use fill #1. after doing the intro twice use fill #2 then repeat the procedure. You will have to figure out fill #2 on your own because I couldn't figure it out. verse: E-||-------------------------------|| B-||-------------------------------|| G-||*-----------------------------*|| D-||*--x--x--x--x-----------------*|| A-||---x--x--x--x--4--0------------|| E-||---x--x--x--x--4--0--5--4--3---|| where I have the two open strings there is really supposed to be two scratches but I can't keep up with Zakk Wylde if I use the scratch so I just wrote it the way I play it. chorus: E-||--------------------------|| B-||--------------------------|| G-||*------------------------*|| D-||*------------------------*|| A-||---3\7--3\7--3--3---------|| E-||---3\7--3\7--3--3--3\21---|| on the first slide to fret 21 go back and repeat the chorus again. on the second slide to fret 21 slide back to the about the 3 fret. on the third slide to fret 21 do a trill between 21 and 20 or just use the vibrato technique. fill #1 E-||--------|| B-||--------|| G-||--------|| D-||--------|| A-||---9b---|| E-||--------|| bend this up and down several times. I highly doubt that this is right but it works good enough so if you don't like it then just figure it our yourself I guess. ****************************************************************************** Tabbed by ZEP_HEAD(EddieT@softfarm.com) ******************************************************************************