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 Old L A Tonight de Ozzy Osbourne

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Old L A Tonight - Ozzy Osbourne sur Guitariff.net
m: ChanSan2@aol.com Old L.A Tonight by Ozzy Osbourne appears on the Ozzmosis CD Arranged by Chandler Brown This is a great song. I figured it out by listening to the CD, so it should be correct. Send any questions, comments, praises, or general questions about life to ChanSan2@aol.com Intro: F C G Am F C G C [Verse 1] [F]Look into the future [C]Look into my eyes and tell me [G]Everything's all [Am]right [F]Tell me where we're going I'm [C]so afraid 'cos I don't know whats [G]going on with my [C]life. But it'll [F]be all right to[G]night Will it [F]be all right to[G]night?[Am] Are we [F]doin' all right, in [G]old LA To[C]night [Verse 2] [F]Sitting by the ocean [C]Mapping out my plans of action, [G]Baby they include [Am]you. I [F]wish you'd send a message [C]Maybe I'm just better off not [G]knowing who [C]knew. But I'll [F]be all right to[G]night I'm gonna [F]be all right to[G]night[Am] Are we [F]doing all right, in [G]old LA To[C]night? [Chorus] [C]Those [G]summer [F]nights when I look in your [C]eyes I'm [G]falling to [Am]peices, [F]peices [C]Out [G]of my [F]mind and i'll never know [C]why I'm [G]falling to [Am]peices, [F]peices [C] F C G Am F C G C Am C Am G Am C G Am [Am]Who could [E]imagine such a [C]thing could happen [D]to you? It's gonna [F]be allright, in [G]old LA [C]Those [G]summer [F]nights when I look in your [C]eyes I'm [G]falling to [Am]peices, [F]peices [C]Out [G]of my [F]mind and i'll never know [C]why I'm [G]falling to [Am]peices, [F]peices It's gonna be all right, in [G]old LA to[C]night.