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 Ill Be Waiting For You de P M Dawn

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Ill Be Waiting For You - P M Dawn sur Guitariff.net
I'll Be Waiting For You- P.M. Dawn ------------------------ samples- Pacific by 808 state this is really a GREAT song to play if you have a keyboard with string voice the notes go F A C E ---> G B D F# ---> C E G B ---> D F# A C# IF YOU'VE GOT A GUITAR WITH ANY EFFECTS PEDALS, PLAYING ALONG WITH THE SONG WOULD SOUND PRETTY COOL, JUST USE THE TAB IN SYNC WITH THE MUSIC Note- all chords are 4 beats in length B---5------7---0---------------2- G---5------7---0---------------2- D---7------9---2---------------4- A---8-----10---3---------------5- Baby....baby, I know .... (chorus) B---5-------------7-----------0-----------------------------2- G---5-------------7-----------0-----------------------------2- D---7-------------9-----------2-----------------------------4- A---8------------10-----------3-----------------------------5- I'll be waiting for you, even ... I'll be waiting for you, 'till ....