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 Muddy Water Blues de Paul Rodgers

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Muddy Water Blues (Paul Rodgers: 'Muddy Water Blues - A Tribute To Muddy Waters') 1x Intro Walking alone in the rain, water in my shoes. All I can feel is this pain in my heart and this Muddy Water Blues. 1/2x Intro River weap for me, nothing left to loose, under the weeping willow tree with these Muddy Water Blues. (sing it now) A E CHORUS: Muddy Water Blues Muddy Water Blues Muddy Water Blues B (B7) Uh, turns me to loose. Please give me some shelter, that's something I can use. Way down here in the Delta with these Muddy Water Blues. Women and Whiskey will frame you, it's no good looking for clues. You got them, who can blame you, Muddy Water Blues. CHORUS: Muddy Water Blues Muddy Water Blues Muddy Water Blues Uh, turns me to loose. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 2x Intro SOLO (Buddy Guy) Try to get free from you, Baby, oh, but I'm stuck like glue. Try to get free from you, Baby, and these Muddy Water Blues. 3x Uh, uh, uh, Muddy Water Blues. This is a slow Blues in E-major. The Intro is played while Paul sings. The chorus is accompanied with the noted chords. Have fun playing ! INTRO: E|-------------------|--------------------|--------------|--------------| H|----3--5-----------|-----3--5-----------|-----3--5-----|-----3--5-----| G|--4-------2--0-----|--4--------2--0-----|--4--------2--|--4--------2--| D|----------------2--|-----------------2--|--------------|--------------| A|-------------------|--------------------|--------------|--------------| E|-------------------|--------------------|--------------|--------------| E|-------------------| H|----3--5-----------| G|--4-------2--0-----| D|----------------2--| A|-------------------| E|-------------------|