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 Believe You Me de Pearl Jam

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From C0387@VM.SC.EDU Wed Apr 9 12:51:24 1997 This is the tablature for Believe You Me, which was performed by Pearl Jam, a couple of years ago. I do not know who has written the song, and I do not know the middle part of the song. I have not heard this song in about 1.5 years, so if anyone can help me get this song complete that would be great. 1 -------3----------3---------------3----------3--------------- 2--------3----------3---------------3----------3--------------- 3----------4----------4---------------4-----------4------------ 4-------------------------------------------------------------- 5--------------------------------3------------3---------------- 6-----3--------3--3------------3------------------------------- 1-------3-----------3---------------3------------------3------ 2-------3-----------3---------------3------------------3------ 3----------4------------4----------------4-----------------4-- 4------------------------------------------------------------- 5-3------------------------------3-----------------3---------- 6----3---------3--3----------3-------------------------------- People walking people talking people waiting for a second coming G (334553) C (010230) G Believe you me I do believe Believe you me C I do believe Am (0122000) C G But I dont want to Hear no more Today And I don't want to Say no more Today I don't want to Hear No more And that is as much as I know of this great song. I don't have this CD myself, my old roommate G Marden has it and as I said I haven't heard it for about a year and a half, which makes it a little difficult to transcribe the rest. Hopefully there are some people out there in cyber space who knows the rest of the song, and are willing to put it up. Enjoy! Robin Gronvold