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 Stepping Razor de Peter Tosh

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Stepping Razor - Peter Tosh sur
"Stepping Razor" by Peter Tosh tabbed by Chas W. only 3 chords to this song:     G     C     Bb e|--3-----3-----1----------- B|--3-----5-----3----------- G|--4-----5-----3----------- D|--5-----5-----3----------- A|--5-----3-----1----------- E|--3----------------------- Intro Bb > G  x2 Verse         C If wanna live         G Treat me good         C If wanna live         G Treat me good Chorus             Bb I'm like a stepping...          G I'm dangerous... (repeat) and thats the song.  basically just alternate between C and G on the verse and the chorus is just Bb and G and remember kids..always on the upbeat. this is all my own work. questions or comments