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 Ac Dc Bag de Phish

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Ac Dc Bag - Phish sur
AC/DC Bag by Phish Transcribed by Eli ( This is exclusively a concert song so some things may be different depending on what version of the song that you have. But listen it and get the rhythm. Intro: A C D C F A G(for two bars) Verse: C Bb F C C Bb D(for two bars) prelude to/last line before chorus Bridge (brain dead...): Same as verse chords Chorus (same as intro): A C D C F A G(for two bars) Lyrics: Verse 1 Mr. Palmer is concerned with a thousand dollar question just like Roger he's a crazy little kid I've got the time if you've got the inclination so, cheer up Palmer you'll soon be dead (Bb B C) The noose is hanging, at least you won't die wondering Sit up and take notice, tell it like it is (Bb B C) If I were near you, I wouldn't be far from you I've got a feeling, you know what you did Chorus: AC/DC Bag.... Verse 2 Time to put your money where your mouth is Put 'em in a field and let 'em fight it out (Bb B C) I'm runnin' so fast my feet don't touch the ground I'm a stranger here, I'm going down Let's get down to the nitty-gritty Let's get this show on the road I'll show you mine, if you show me yours I'm breathin' hard, open the door -Chorus- Bridge Brain dead and made of money No future at all Pull down the blinds and run for cover No future at all Who would have thought it, that's where I am No future at all Don't sweat it, that's where I am Whoa, carry me down Then the solo...nevermind. Any comments, corrections, or complaints send 'em over.